Have you ever been “over-served” ?

Remember that time when you drank too much and totally embarrassed yourself?

I like to say I was “over served,”  and we’ve all been there at least once!

Then, to add injury to embarrassment,  you feel horrible the next day.   Ah, the free prize at the bottom of every bottle …..a headache and feeling of “what happened?”  (that wasn’t in their marketing, hey!)

I’ve found that Epsom Bath Salts detoxify and replenish the body of magnesium.  The next time you are “over served”, or just feel a bit under the weather, jump into the bathtub with beautiful Epsom salts and soak for 30-40 minutes.  Be sure to rinse after to wash off all the toxins that were removed.  No, I’m sorry, you can’t wash away the evening too.  However, my guess is that you were the life of the party!

Angelic Skin CareHave you ever been “over-served” ?

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