My Favorite Tips.. Who Knew?

Did you know that a clean dry toothbrush can make the most amazing eye brow brush? It also doubles as an eye lash brush if you get clumping while applying mascara. Just don’t mix it up with your regular toothbrush.
The tops of our hand and our necks are the first to show aging because the skin is much thinner in these areas. You can use your anti-aging creams and sun screen on both areas, but be sure to do a small test section on your neck first if your product contains retinols or any powerful blends. I recommend using Neocutis Bio Cream for a night cream to put on your neck and tops of hands. Amazing results and no burning.
Putting your legs up on the wall for 12 minutes not only helps relieve swollen feet/legs, but it is really good for your complexion too!
If you suffer from broken capillaries on your face, sleep on your back. Keeping the blood flow away from your face at night has proven to help reduce the redness.
Microdermabrasion can be done once a week for trouble skin or only once every 30-90 days to maintain healthy skin.

Angelic Skin CareMy Favorite Tips.. Who Knew?

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