The Truth About Organics


YES! Angelic Skin Care loves feel good, clean products and Mineral Make ups..

Mineral make-ups “light-as-air” feel is part of what makes it so popular. The lack of toxic filler ingredients found in conventional make up such as talc, parabens, chemical dyes, fragrance, preservatives and mineral oil, makes it a must.

People are falling in love with mineral make up. The lack of the toxic ingredients in mineral based make up reduces break outs, oil production and leaves a more youthful appearance.

By not having the filler ingredients that are found in conventional foundation, mineral make up sits light as a feather, not sinking into pores or wrinkles. The Zinc Oxide in mineral make up helps with inflammation and provides some sun protection while helping fight acne breakouts.

“I feel in love with Mirabella mineral make up two years ago and would never switch back.”

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Angelic Skin CareThe Truth About Organics