meganBlogPic01Have you ever heard that nasty rumor that if you wax your face it will grow back thicker and more full? IT’S NOT TRUE! Here are the facts that will excite you and make you want to schedule a facial wax immediately. Enjoy smooth, hair free skin starting now.

There are two types of hair that grow on our bodies. Vellous (tiny translucent blonde hair) and Terminal (thicker hair that grows under the arms, pubic area, eye brows, mustache and beard for men and legs)

It is physiologically impossible for your vellous hairs to grow back thicker.

Vellous hair when cut or removed will grow back the same. The structure of the hair does not become damaged, therefore it is impossible to alter. Terminal hair is physiologically coarse. When Terminal hair is cut, it grows back the same way…coarse.

Sometimes, waxing can make the hair appear to be “thinner” but it is really not thinner at all. Because waxing pulls the hair from it’s roots, the new hair grows in with a smooth tip, making it feel softer. But it is actually the same type of hair it was before. It’s only when we cut hair (any type of hair) that the hair grows back with a blunt cut at the tip.


Toes $12.00
Lip $10.00
Chin $12.00
Brows $16.00
Cheeks/Sideburns $15.00
Underarms $28.00
Arms Lower $30.00
Arms Full $45.00
Chest $55.00
Naval $18.00
Bikini Line $45.00
Bikini Extended $65.00
Full Leg $60.00
Lower Leg $45.00


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